USF Software Acquisition and Installation Policy 2020

USF Software Acquisition and Installation Policy 2020

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the proper acquisition and installation of software affecting any and all information technology systems and/or hardware at the University of St. Francis. The intention of this policy is to: A) promote maintaining a secure computing environment that has a high degree of standardization, and B) to leverage cost savings through volume purchasing opportunities and/or software tool integration across multiple areas. This Software Acquisition Policy is meant to work in conjunction with the Technology Use Policy to create an efficient technology acquisition process.

Applicable Parties
This policy applies to any department or individual with the intention of engaging in the acquisition and/or installation of all types of software, including free software, which will:

  • Be installed on University owned computing devices
  • Operate through the campus network
  • Interact with other University computing resources
  • Requires support from any University technology department

The acquisition and use of any software tool (locally hosted or as-a-service from a provider) carries benefits and risks to potential end-users and computer equipment requiring internal review, and in some cases external review from legal counsel. The signing of a contract for software tool access, therefore, requires the signature an officer of the corporation in order to be considered valid. If an employee signs a software contract (without approval) and the University seeks to change or cancel the contractual agreement, any financial penalty to do so may be sought from the employee in violation of this policy. Software vendors may be contacted by employees of the University. Employees are free to research and explore software tools they feel may be of benefit to University efforts upon proper notification to the Technology Support Center or other information technology leadership.

Software acquisition requests are to be submitted through the Software Request Form located on the USF Portal.

The Software Request form includes all information needed to process the software acquisition request. All requests must be reviewed and the originator receive approval from The Division of Information Technology and Planning before an acquisition or installation can be made. The Division of Information Technology & Planning (ITP) will seek additional approval from department heads, vice presidents or deans in the event of non-standard or larger purchase requests. Following established review practices, a determination on whether the cost of the software will come from the IT division budget or the requestor’s departmental budget may apply.

If you have any question about the Software Acquisition Policy, please contact the Technology Support Center at 815-768-TECH (x8324).