Student Printing

Each student will be given a $20.00 credit each semester that is applied toward the cost of printing charges students incur when printing on university owned printers in student accessible labs, residence halls and other locations on the campus. Student print balances are not carried forward from semester to semester.

Each time a student prints to a University provided printer, he or she will be charged for the number of pages printed. From most general lab computers a pop-up will notify them of the number of pages in the print job and the cost to print the information. Students will have the choice to proceed or decline to print. Additional printed pages over a student’s $20.00 semester credit will be added to his or her university bill.

If a student encounters one of the following problems when printing, they should contact the IT office in Marian Hall for a refund of the pages that should have printed.

If a student leaves a computer logged in with their username and password in a lab and someone uses the login for printing, there will be no refund of pages to their account. Students must be diligent about logging out of computers in general access areas so that none of their accounts are compromised.