Account Creation and Deletion

This policy defines the creation and deletion process of technology accounts for students, employees, and alumni.

Account Creation:

Students and employees receive accounts according to their status in the Banner administrative system. Accounts and the ability to access information in the MyUSF portal, which provides single sign-on to all USF applications, are generated when information is entered into the system originally or when a status indicator changes from one condition to another.

1. Perspective Students: A limited MyUSF account is created for prospective students to assist in the recruitment of these students.

2. Students: A technology account is created for students who have been admitted and are ready to register within the Banner system. All students are provided 250 Meg of space on a server for their home directories. Any student who has exceeded the allocated amount of space is contacted via email to remove non-academic related files. Using more than the allotted space can cause students to lose the network "permissions" to see their home directory. Students may be warned that music and video are not acceptable files and must be removed immediately.

3. Employees: A technology account is created for an employee when the base employment record has been entered into the Banner administrative system by HR personnel. Adjunct faculty accounts are created once their start date has been entered into Banner or they have been assigned a course to teach. Employees may be warned that music and video are not acceptable files and must be removed immediately.

Account Expiration

1. Prospective Students: These accounts are deactivated one year after creation

2. Student Drops or Withdrawals: A drop/withdrawal list is generated by the IT Department through the Banner administrative system. After 4 semesters a student account will be deleted.

3. Alumni: retains their email and MyUSF accounts for life. Data storage will be reduced after 3 years of inactivity.

4. Employees: Deactivation occurs once a termination date is entered into the Banner system. An employee may request that there are accounts remain active through the appropriate Vice President for a specific time that may not exceed 6 months. If an employee is terminated for cause his/her account is deactivated immediately.

5. Retirees: Employees may retain their existing USF account privileges when they retire. When the retiree no longer wishes to keep the account, the department must notify Network Support Services so that his/her account can be disabled.